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Agnik offers a distributed analytics platform developed based on long term research backed by many years of peer-reviewed publications. Our analytics are specifically designed for connected vehicle and connected life applications. Agnik’s patented analytics platform with onboard and in-cloud intelligence comes with market leading ecosystem of vertical specific products and built-in monetization options.

    Data Analytics Platform

  • Agnik Distributed Analytics Platform for ioT (ADAPT), powered by patented onboard in-device analytics, in-cloud analytics, and big data from millions of vehicles.

  • End to End Services

  • Connected vehicle end-to-end services with vertical specific B2B products for insurance carriers, car dealers, OEMs, consumer facing apps, open developer’s forum, and more.

  • Connected Car Technology

  • Full spectrum of connected vehicle technology with OBD dongle-based products, smartphone-only products, and OEM-based solutions for connected life applications.

  • Scalability

  • Scalable infrastructure, proven track record, strong background in government projects, and the most complete connected vehicle platform in the industry.


Know all the details about your car. All the time. Anytime.

Vyncs™ is Agnik's vehicle-based service platform for drivers. The expanisive collection of services include comprehensive vehicle health monitoring, insurance benefits from usage-based insurance programs, and a wide range of location-based services. Vyncs™ is powered by patent-protected technology that analyzes vehicle data and turns it into something useful.


Less bagagge. Better adventure. Double win.

VyncsLite™ is a B2B smartphone-based connected car platform for real-time and off-line analytics. It does not require any additional device. It analyzes the phone's sensor data and creates analytics for applications in many domains such as insurance and location-based services among others.


Smartphone-only insurance telematics app.

CIP is a device-free B2B app for smartphone-based connected car applications. Using the phone’s sensor data, it creates analytics for domains such as insurance and location-based services, which include automated trip logging, driver event detection, zone arrival notification, and driver scoring. CIP offers the best in class power consumption on the market.


Vehicle data mining for the insurance industry.

The MineDrive™ system offers you a comprehensive set of analytics for driving your usage-based insurance applications. You can quickly integrate MineDrive™ into your application or use it stand-alone. It is also available on many different types of third-party onboard hardware.


The power of advanced predictive vehicle data mining.

The MineFleet™ software is designed for commercial fleet owners and fleet managing companies who want the power of advanced predictive vehicle data mining for dramatically reducing operating costs. It offers a powerful onboard data stream mining software for the modelling, benchmarking, and monitoring of vehicle health, emmisions, driver behavior, fuel-consumption, and fleet characteristics.


App-only Solution for Next Generation Fleet Telematics.

MineFleetLite™ is a smartphone-only solution for fleet telematics. It makes use of smartphone sensors (i.e. GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer) and offers a powerful telematics solution for monitoring your fleet's vehicles in a completely automated manner. You can use the free app to collect and view data for one vehicle and the Fleet Manger Web Portal to view data from all the vehicles for a small fee.


Gather knowledge with a powerful set of capabilties.

MineCar™ is a unique product designed to support the next generation of customer relationship management systems powered by telematic technology for the car-repair service industry. By analyzing all of the real-time vehicle performance data with the non-telematic data of the car, MineCar™ offers a unique perspective to the repair service provider.


Business Intelligence for Telematics

Agnik's BITS™ system is designed to help you extract performance patterns from data, build predictive models from various types of telematics data, and correlate those with the business process using state of the art link analysis techniques. Use BITS™ and offer a wide range of new ROI.

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Agnik™ is a Big Data Vehicle Analytics software company with wide range of telematics products and platforms for the consumer, fleet, insurance, vehicle-repair-services and automotive OEM markets. Agnik powered products received the 2014 Frost & Sullivan North American Automotive Usage Based Insurance Customer Value Enhancement Award and 2010 Frost & Sullivan North American Enabling Technology of the Year Award in Commercial Vehicle Telematics. Agnik's team also received the 10-year highest impact paper award and Top-10 Data Mining Case Study Award from IEEE, among others.